Now that I pastor in the great state of Georgia, my heart goes out to the faithful Georgia Bulldogs fans.  They’ve been waiting for a championship for 38 years and last night they had the trophy in their hands until their opponent, the Crimson Tide of Alabama, took it and placed it among their other 16 trophies.  I could physically sense the disappointment, frustration and sadness enter the room when the catch was made in the end zone by the Alabama receiver.  Being a Florida State Seminole fan practically all my life, I was very familiar with that feeling (wide right, HA!) And worse yet, less than a year ago, the Falcons “gave away” their only super Bowl win to a team that has a plethora of Vince Lombardi Trophies… Yikes!

So, here’s my simple Biblical take away regarding the world of sports and their fans and all the like:

  1. I eventually learned this one: It’s only a silly game; it’s not life and death. But on the other hand, our battles as believers are real as well as the preaching of the Gospel which determines people’s eternity.
  2. If players can bounce back from a loss, fans have NO EXCUSE to do the same. Jesus died and resurrected so we can always have the ability to “bounce back.” So smile, Jesus paid it all!
  3. Big losses become gages that determine the level of idolatry we’re engaged in. OUCH! Sorry – well, NOT sorry. 🙂
  4. There is always next year. Sounds like an exhausted platitude, but this stuff repeats itself every year. Alabama lost the big one last year and came back and won it this year.  As long as football remains, there will be opportunities to try again. And in the Kingdom, God provides us with grace and mercy and endless opportunities to live in the victory He has ALREADY won for us! 
  5. These “big”  losses should remind us of how imperfect and fleeting this temporal life is. But in all the pain, suffering, disappointment and death, we have this HOPE that is an anchor for our souls.  Jesus is Lord and our lives are a continual triumphal procession.  You still win!

Well, there’s my take… I know it sounds a bit preachy, but nonetheless it’s truth. I hope it helps my Georgia peeps. 🙂