As a Pastor of a growing congregation, I spend a lot of time contemplating why people lose spiritual focus and momentum. One of my greatest frustrations is seeing people receive a breakthrough one week and lose it the following week! I’ve come to one conclusion and one solution…here it is: Until people learn to live their lives by the revelation of Christ in them, they’ll continue lose focus and momentum in their spiritual journey.

Revelation is a realization of the character and person of God in our lives. Living by revelation is living by relationship and that relationship is one of love. It’s a personal realization of God’s role in our lives through Christ. It’s one that hears the voice of the Holy Spirit who will always speak of the goodness, greatness, love and lordship of Christ.

Revelation has to be personal if it’s ever going to be effective in our lives. And it’s in that personal realization that we declare WHO HE IS even in the middle of our greatest trials. I like what E.W. Kenyon said, “God will never get any bigger to you than what you declare Him to be.” Your declaration of God is what He is to you. When Peter realized this, he walked on water! It’s so much easier to obey when we learn to live by revelation.

Jesus said in Matthew 16 that He would build his church by the revelation people have of Him. And the promise that comes with this is that the “gates of hell will not prevail against the church!” We’re designed to move forward in momentum and focus as a church on the offensive, not living our lives starting and stopping…living from crisis to crisis. The reason why we seem to lose momentum and focus is because we fail to live by revelation.

Let’s live by revelation!