In the two short weeks that we’ve been leading DLC (Discover Life Church) we’ve concluded that this wonderful congregation is on the threshold of a season of breakthrough and awakening. We’re more than certain that a great opportunity has been presented to DLC – an opportunity to respond to the invitation of Holy Spirit. He wants to invade every area of our lives with His grace, power, creativity, love, mercy, goodness, multiplication, etc.

Seasons of opportunities arrive unannounced during marathons of preparation. They must be recognized. And only the prepared are able to do so. The level of our preparation determines the intensity of our recognition. The Kingdom is available for all who believe but it’s only experienced by those who can see it.

Last night I taught our Lead Team about the process of preparation. I encouraged them to fine-tune their preparation process because we’re on the brink of something special. We’re in a season of opportunity. It’s a season to respond. It’s a season filled with holy curiosity to explore the new things He has for us.

Below is a list of 10 principles regarding preparation and opportunities. Enjoy!

  1. Opportunities aren’t prejudice or bias.  They’ll adhere to whoever clings to them.
  2. Opportunities are momentary; they have a short shelf life.
  3. Opportunities of a lifetime must be lived out within the lifetime of the opportunity.  (I picked that one up somewhere).
  4. The seedbed to opportunities is preparation.  It’s only through preparation that we recognize divine opportunities.
  5. Opportunities attract other opportunities. This is the secret to multiplication.
  6. Opportunities build of each other.  We build our lives on a firm foundation of preparation and each floor that is built is simply a leveraged and stewarded opportunity.
  7. Opportunities don’t usually come in big shiny packages, rather in the insignificant and mundane.
  8. The prepared eye has the ability to recognize an opportunity but the prepared soul has the capability to leverage them.
  9. It’s in the common and mundane that great opportunities emerge.
  10. Opportunities will always show up dressed in work clothes!

What a great Sunday we’re going to have! See you there!


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  1. Craig Sloan on June 30, 2017 at 9:31 AM

    Great word!