The Power of Expectation

We were all created with the ability to expect. There is power in expectation.  Expectation is the catalyst to desired outcomes. The foundation of our expectation is faith and hope. And from that foundation, expectation becomes the channel God uses to establish his kingdom through us.  Expectation fuels and empowers us to manifest God ordained outcomes. Expectation creates a greater focus and directs our behavior toward God’s will.

On the other hand, expectation has no morality.  In the same way we can expect God to work in our lives, we can invite destructive outcomes to manifest in our lives.  By default, we’re wired to expect the worse, but when we learn God’s Word, we’re taught to use expectation to manifest ”heaven on earth” kingdom outcomes. When used properly, expectation redirects our actions and establishes our habits. Expectation doesn’t change things, it changes us.  It remolds and redirects our thinking in order to connect with what God has already prepared for us.

In 2108, we must learn to leverage expectation. As we allow God’s Word to permeate every area of our lives, faith will arise in our hearts and expectation will become the seedbed to our miracles.  I believe this can be the year you face your fears and begin to live your life in God-desired outcomes.

When faced with the option of choosing fear over faith you must hold on to expectation. There is no positive outcome in living life contained in fear.  Fear has three goals for you:

  1. Fear desires to make you skeptical and afraid of trying anything new.
  2. Fear desires to make you selfish; afraid to commit to God and to others.
  3. Fear desires to make you shortsighted; focussing on the past and not on the future.

As we embark in our New Year, practice expectation. It might require baby steps at first.  Keep remembering His promises over your life and begin to live it focussed on the ONE who fulfills every promise.  Allow expectation to CRUSH fear, doubt, despair and dread from your thinking.  2018 can and will be your best year yet! 

What are you expecting God to do you in 2018?