As a believer, to progress in Christ means to grow in Him.  In God’s kingdom, progression is first internal before it manifests in the external.  As His children, God wants us to live our lives from the inside out.  All throughout scripture, God works “in us and through us” in order to establish His purpose on earth.  That is why the focus of His work should always be internal before it can ever be external. And integrity is the key.

Integrity means the state of being whole and undivided.  It’s having honor, honesty, ethics, etc.  And to a believer, the forming and strengthening of integrity means to fortify our understanding of our identity in Christ. Spiritual progression is rooted in the seedbed of integrity and integrity is built in the revelation of our identity in Christ.

Progression is sensitive because it requires focus, attention and intentionality.  The more intentional we become in getting closer to God, the more we’re aware of the sensitivity of progression.  Progression requires a greater responsiveness and reactivity in our relationship with the Father.  Like a sharp shooter aiming at a target, spiritual progression requires a laser focus on emphasis, priority, attention and concentration. Unfortunately, progression has an enemy named digression.

Digression is our greatest enemy.  It sneaks up on us like a predator seeking its prey.  Digression is an attack on our integrity.  It’s a choice made in distraction and fatigue.  Digression is the removal of our focus from the target and the attention placed on other things.  And the ultimate goal of digression is regression.

Always remember that growth is always intentional. When we learn to nurture the nature in us, progression becomes inevitable. As we continue the journey of 2018, let us keep our focus and attention on the road of progression God has us on.  As we draw closer to Him, His progression in us will manifest to His progression around us.

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  1. B Hughes on January 23, 2018 at 7:51 AM

    Good stuff Pastor!