We’re just about finished with 1/3 of our 21 days of fasting.  Victoria and I are believing that our time of prayer and fasting will bring us into a greater FOCUS in order to pursue the ONE who holds our destiny.  Fasting is simply a simplification of life and a greater focus on the author of life.  The western culture we live in today is inundated with more distractions than ever before.  Through technology, multi-tasking has become the norm.  We’re moving at a rapid pace and involved in more things but seem to be accomplishing less.  It appears that we’re getting “lost in the woods” of our own choices and lifestyles.

Biblically speaking, focus is seeing God’s reality in the midst of carnal chaos. And it’s in this human chaos that we lose our way, we forget our identity, we lose sight of the prize and lose sight of the purpose we’ve been called to.  Focus is the state or quality of having or producing clear visual and mental definition toward a state of interest and activity.

God’s kingdom is an upside-down kingdom.  In other words, it’s paradoxical to how the world relates to life. In God’s kingdom, less has always been more.  The more simplified we are in our intentions and purpose, the more effective we become. This year, let’s put forth more effort in focussing our lives and purpose on Jesus, the author and perfect of our faith.

Principles Regarding Biblical Focus

  • Focus is DIFFICULT to achieve – DON’T get discouraged when you constantly lose it.
  • Focus requires submission.
  • Focus requires coming under authority to the very one we are serving.
  • Focus, in order to be productive, must be static.  It must be constant. It must be unchanging. Stay the course.
  • Focus requires the removal of distractions.
  • Focus that’s broken shifts us into an arena of survival, unfruitfulness and wastefulness.
  • Focus is not required to live… but LIVING will require focus.
  • Focus requires concentration. meditation and vision.
  • Focus must be personal before it can ever be corporate. Corporate focus is the conglomeration of focussed individuals.